Sate languan is a very popular iranian sate Bali Island, consume that is made from the meat of this fish is very much sought after culinary pregnancy Balinese cuisine.

Typical food of Bali island which is famous for its characteristic strong seasoning, a little spicy and extra shrimp paste becomes one of the typical Balinese cuisine.

Satay recipe Languan, typical Balinese Satay

Resep Sate Languan, Sate Khas BaliĀ 

Cuisine originating from an area called Klungkung, one of the kotar Island Island. Because of the abundance of seafood, makes the community around looking for alternatife to cultivate fish in addition to fried and grilled.

In Bali Island consume languan is often served with chicken betutu, plecing Kale, jukut ares and others. Obligatory original Balinese community who have become habits of society since antiquity. A complementary dish is perfect served as a friend of white rice.

Well for the mother if it ever came to Bali Island would already know and taste the languan, due to take lots of stalls and stalls that sell ingest it. And for moms who have never visited it goes without worry, no need to bother even far away to Bali. Since this time ajak mother once to ingest can make yourself languan Balinese who certainly has a taste that is just as yummy with the original Satay iranian origins namely Klungkung area. We saw just below the Take Recipes yuk Languan, Take Typical Bali

Ingredients ingredients make ingest languan;

  • Fresh fish fillets sebanyak3 kg
  • Young coconut grated 3 kuoas and grain
  • The old coconut grated and squeeze grains 0.5 take little coconut milk
  • Prick Satay made iranian stem of banana leaf, a rather large sized iranian size sateen which is usually subtle seasoning

Satay recipe Languan, typical Balinese Satay

Resep Sate Languan, Sate Khas Bali