Plecing is a popular food in areas of Bali and Lombok, A food tastes spicy tasty and delicious, of course.
As it is already popular among the public that an awful lot of food plecing not only plecing the chicken alone but can also be cooked vegetables plecing, one example of water spinach, bean sprouts and string beans also served as plecing. In bali and lombok itself this mandatory food served as a complement

Recipes chicken Plecing

Resep Ayam Plecing

Not just chicken beef fish and meat is also processed into cuisine called plecing.
Because this dish is spicy so be careful who does not like the spicy taste of if eating in the dining room or a restaurant that provides a menu of this one.
But if we make it yourself at home we can customize with taste, i.e. the amount of cayenne pepper maksdnya used can be measured by our taste buds each.
Well it looks like this recipe is perfect for you and your family to dish a day day or when there are major events. yuk we see just how the process of making the chicken plecing below;

The ingredients of the ingredients makes plecing chicken;

  • 500 grams chicken that isn’t too old pieces
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Cayenne Pepper 5 pieces
  • 5 large red pepper fruit is still fresh
  • 1/2 cut the shrimp shrimp paste sachet packaging sold
  • 100 ml water 5 sdk cooking oil
  • 1/4 sdk eating salt
  • 1 sdk tea sugar
  • 1 piece of lime.

Ingredients 2

1/2 sdk eating salt
1 liter water

Resep Ayam Plecing

Recipes chicken Plecing

How to make a

  • The first step we clean chicken that has been cut into pieces first
  • then create a solution to the two materials namely 1/2 sdk packed salt and water.
  • Enter the chicken pieces into the salt solution, and soak for approximately 10 minutes
  • DAB some oil or butter can also be on a chicken that has been drained first. Then burn the chicken until brownish yellow.
  • Puree the garlic, onionred pepper, cayenne pepper, shrimp paste with sugar and salt.
  • heat a little oil, and stir-fry seasoning diwajan smooth. Stir-fry until fragrant
  • Add the water and mix flavor enhancer
  • Enter the chicken that has been baked into the Spice stir fry last, stir well and let stand until the water is shrinking and pervasive spices.
  • If the herbs have seeped into their chickens and water also have dwindled, add limejuice, toss to evenly back
  • next lift and serve.

How to make it, and of course the taste is very delicious chicken dish is very special banget lho bund. It’s a shame if not try practiced at home.