Specialty people Indonesia this one no doubt are familiar in tongue culinary lovers. The taste is unique with the savory seasonings that fit will make getting the flavor in the heart. Although it looks simple is not necessarily everyone can make it at home,

And for this time we shared a recipe how to make fried rice with chicken and also extra meatballs. Well, just heard it already, can be ascertained if it feels too tasty for sure especially if already nyicipi it really is. Than we ran out of time to imagine chickenfried rice meatballs this better we make at home with the flavors himself wrote that surely compel.

Chicken Fried Rice Recipe Meatball Special



How to make it really easy to mom, as long as all the ingredients are already complete we only takes about 10 minutes to oblige on eating. How? Ready to try it at home? Earlier we used to see what the heck the ingredients that must be prepared to make special fried rice dishes chicken meatballs.


Ingredients Chicken fried rice Meatballs :

A plate full of white rice
10 round Meatballs (chicken or beef Meatball)
2 pieces of fried chicken
3 grains of red onion
2 cloves garlic
10 grains pepper (can be substituted with cayenne pepper according to taste)
Cooking oil to taste
Sweet soy sauce to taste
Salt to taste
Scallions, thinly sliced